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Docker Commands

Find All Containers

docker ps -a

Find Running Containers

docker ps 

Start Up Failed Container and Attach to STDIO / STDERR

docker start --attach 8b

List All Docker Images

docker images -a

Kill All Containers

docker kill `docker ps -aq`

Remove All Images

docker rmi `docker images -aq`

We can use the partial unique image id (4f) or a longer version copied from output like (4f803ffceb53) or the long name like (4f803ffceb5301bd94cfa2b9f931a36493effd50e9d14a53586ffb27a48bb580)

Building .NET Core App and Uploading to ACR

dotnet publish -c Release out
cp Dockerfile out
docker build -t my-tag:v1 out
docker run -d -p 8080:8080 my-tag:v1
docker login myregistry.azurecr.io -u guid -p P4SSW0rd!
docker tag 4f myregistry.azurecr.io/samples/my-tag
docker push myregistry.azurecr.io/samples/my-tag

Get an Interactive Terminal Inside Running Container

docker exec -it 4f bash